Curiosity update: Records measured in degrees

NLB_617304466EDR_F0762672NCAM00268M_-br2Sol 2477, July 25, 2019, update by MSL scientist Susanne Schwenzer: Europeans, Californians… and many others on the team watched their thermometers rise to record highs today, reaching 36°C in this blogger’s hometown “Milton Keynes.” Thinking about planning, where we currently think about cold, wintertime temperatures on Mars and tosol’s maximum temperature was -30°C according to REMS, this 66°C difference in temperature is a very practical demonstration of orbital mechanics and other factors, and more generally how different Earth and Mars are!

Temperatures are not today’s most important record, though: Curiosity is currently tilted 25° – more than ever before, during science operations. The image above shows just how much this is…. [More at link]

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