Curiosity takes second bite of Mt. Sharp

mars-curiosity-rover-drill-holes-rock-mojave-MAHLI-Sol884-PIA19115-br2The second bite of a Martian mountain taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover hints at long-ago effects of water that was more acidic than any evidenced in the rover’s first taste of Mount Sharp, a layered rock record of ancient Martian environments. The rover used a new, low-percussion-level drilling technique to collect sample powder last week from a rock target called ‘Mojave 2.’…

A preliminary check of the minerals in the Mojave 2 sample comes from analyzing it with the Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument inside Curiosity. The still-partial analysis shows a significant amount of jarosite, an oxidized mineral containing iron and sulfur that forms in acidic environments… [More at link]

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