Red Planet Report is on hiatus

While the Red Planet Report is on hiatus, these links will help readers stay abreast of developments in Mars exploration. (NB: Some links are updated daily, others at longer intervals.)

NASA Mars news
Jet Propulsion Laboratory news (all topics)
European Space Agency (all topics)
ExoMars/robotic exploration of Mars (ESA)

Icarus (scientific journal) Twitter feed (all topics)
ScienceDaily Mars news

Perseverance rover mission (NASA)
Hope (al-Amal) United Arab Emirates orbiter (UAE)
Tianwen-1 orbiter and lander/rover (PRC)

Curiosity rover mission updates
Curiosity rover raw images (all cameras)
ChemCam instrument site

InSight lander

Mars Express (ESA)
MAVEN Twitter feed
Mars Odyssey (NASA)
THEMIS Image of the Day (ASU)
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter status (JPL)
HiRISE Picture of the Day archive (UA)
CRISM Featured Images (JHU/APL)

Latest weather in Gale Crater (Curiosity rover)
Latest weather at Elysium Planitia (InSight lander)

In addition, be sure to check out the links in the column at right.

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