Curiosity update: ‘Getting out of Dodge’

NRB_479356031EDR_F0450450NCAM00320M_-br2Sol 923, March 11, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: The plan for today, as our SOWG (Science Operations Working Group) chair put it, is to “get out of Dodge”! We will be driving to a location where we can do full MAHLI wheel imaging in the coming sols. During the drive, the rover will stop long enough for Mastcam to get an image of the drill tailings to document where we placed the APXS overnight. We’ll also get a Mastcam image of a wind-blown ripple to see what the grain sizes are. After the drive, we have Mastcam observations of the candidate contact science target “Garden City” along with routine post-drive images from Navcam.  There will also be several standard environmental monitoring… [More at link]

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