Curiosity update: ‘Cap rock Kanosh’

FRB_480940975EDR_F0450996FHAZ00302M_Sols 942-943, March 30, 2015, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Over the weekend, Curiosity drove further into Artist’s Drive to investigate a rock named “Kanosh.”  This boulder appears to represent the “capping unit,” so we’re planning to study Kanosh in more detail to understand this resistant type of rock.

Today’s two-sol plan consists of remote sensing and contact science to investigate this boulder.  We’ll acquire ChemCam on the targets “Piru,” “Little Devil,” and “Tierra Blanca.”  We’ll also use MAHLI at several locations on the boulder to document the grain sizes and textures that are present, and then we’ll place APXS for an overnight integration on the target “Little Devil” on the top of the boulder. [More at link]

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