Curiosity update: ‘Dumping Telegraph Peak’

NLB_482197534EDR_F0460000NCAM00207M_-br2Sol 953-955, April 13, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Our sol 952 drive went well, and we’re very close to crossing over into a new “quad” of the map that was made before landing (meaning we will get a whole new bunch of target names to choose from!). On Saturday the team planned for a lengthy ChemCam focus test on sol 953, where we collect images of the target “Eaton Canyon” at different times of day to check the influence of temperature. We also planned a nice big 20×2 Mastcam mosaic of “Mount Saint Mary”. On sol 954, we delivered some of the “Telegraph Peak” drill sample that we have been carrying with us to the SAM instrument, and dumped the rest out on the ground to be… [More at link]

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