Curiosity update: ‘Jocko Chute’

NRB_484147396EDR_S0471166NCAM00258M_-br2Sol 978-979, May 6, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: The sol 976 drive was successful and we are close to “Jocko Chute” (our informal name for the saddle point west of Jocko Butte). In the sol 978 plan, we have a ChemCam LIBS observation of a patch of exposed bedrock called “Big Salmon”, followed by lots of Mastcam images. There is a 14×3 mosaic of some hills in the direction of our drive, some single frame high-resolution images of the targets “Silvertip”, “White_Coyote”, and part of the wall of “Logan Pass”. There is also a stereo Mastcam image of an outcrop called “White Horse” and a 4×2 mosaic of Jocko Butte. [More at link]

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