Curiosity update: ‘Bumping to Missoula’

1028MH0004450010204859C00_DXXXSol 1030, June 29, 2015, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Curiosity is still investigating the contact between the Pahrump and Stimson units.  Over the weekend, Curiosity acquired MAHLI images on a coarse-grained rock named “Big Arm” (right).  The goal today is to characterize some of the veins that occur above and below the contact, and then bump towards a target named “Missoula” to assess the contact at that location.  The plan today includes ChemCam observations of vein targets named “Lemhi” and “Lowary” corresponding to high and low targets above and below the contact.  We will also acquire Mastcam images of the vein… [More at link]

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