Curiosity update: ‘Busy weekend planned’

FLB_489724411EDR_F0481964FHAZ00323M_Sol 1041-1043, July 10, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: The rover bumped back 33 cm on Sol 1039, placing all 6 wheels on firm ground and allowing contact science on the bright rocks near the top of the slope in front of the vehicle.  So the weekend plan is a full one, including both contact science and a drive back toward the southwest.  First, on Sol 1041, ChemCam will passively (no laser) acquire spectra of the sky and a rock dubbed “Monarch” before firing its laser at “Frog” and “Mosquito.”  Mastcam will then take pictures of these rock targets as well as “Elk” and “Lamoose.” [More at link]

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