HiRISE: Ridge and talus in Lycus Sulci

ESP_041901_2065This image nicely captures several influential geologic processes that have shaped the landscape of Lycus Sulci. Our observation covers an area of about 7.5 by 5.4 kilometers in Lycus Sulci, located just to the northwest of Olympus Mons in the Tharsis region of Mars. “Sulci” is a Latin term meaning “furrow” or “groove.” In this case, Lycus Sulci is a region comprised of a series of depressions and ridges.

Like most of the Tharsis region, Lycus Sulci exhibits thick deposits of light-toned Martian dust; the slopes on ridges in this region feature abundant streaks. These streaks are long, thin dark-toned features. They appear when the superficial light-tone fine-grained materials (i.e., Martian… [More at link]

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