Curiosity update: ‘Rough road ahead’

1082MH0001530000400790R00_DXXXSol 1085-1086, August 24, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: MSL had a good weekend, and returned lots of data including nice MAHLI images of Ravalli [image at right].  The nearly 22-meter Sol 1083 drive completed as planned, and placed the rover near some nice rock outcrops.

NLB_493646326EDR_F0491420NCAM00251M_I helped the planning team select targets for ChemCam observations; we settled on two that were named “Tinder Box” and “Gordon.” Mastcam will acquire mosaics of these targets as well as “Centennial Range” and “Willow Ridge.”  [More at link]



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