Curiosity update: ‘Driving again’

NRB_494970866EDR_F0492374NCAM00266M_Sol 1099, September 8, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: MSL did well over the long weekend, except that the Sol 1098 drive was halted after 13 meters of the planned 25 meters because the rover could not confirm that the path ahead was safe.  So the plan for the Sol 1099 drive is essentially to complete the rest of the previously planned drive.  The only significant problem I’ve had to grapple with today as SOWG Chair is that the last 5 relays of data through MRO have returned significantly less data than expected; if this problem continues, we will barely receive enough data to plan another drive on Sol 1100.  Fortunately… [More at link]

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