Curiosity update: ‘Contact science on bright outcrop’

NRB_495862201EDR_F0500322NCAM00346M_-br2Sol 1109-1111, September 18, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: The plan for the weekend is to do a detailed analysis of the outcrop in front of us and then drive away and do some untargeted observations. Sol 1109 includes ChemCam observations of the targets “Cody” and “Leroy”, plus a Navcam dust devil search. After that, the rover will brush the dust off of Cody, with MAHLI images before and after. APXS will then analyze the target Ferdig, and then do an overnight observation of Cody.

On sol 1110, we have some more ChemCam on the targets “Meeteetse” and “Fisch Scale”, plus a 10×5 Mastcam mosaic of some interesting nearby ridges, and then a Mastcam multispectral observation of Cody. After that, the plan is to drive about 50 meters and then collect plenty of Navcam images of the new location. [More at link]

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