HiRISE: From Ares 3 to Ares 4

ESP_042014_1760We previously released stereo images of the Ares 3 landing site from Andy Weir’s “The Martian.” In the novel, stranded astronaut Mark Watney travels from the Ares 3 site to the Ares 4 site where a Mars Ascent Vehicle could get him into Mars orbit to rejoin a spacecraft and return home.

The Ares 4 site is on the floor of a very shallow crater in the southwestern corner of Schiaparelli Crater. Our image image shows a flat region that is entirely mantled by bright Martian dust. There are no color variations, just uniform reddish dust. At full resolution, we see a pervasive, pitted texture that is characteristic of many dust deposits on Mars. No boulders are visible, so the dust is probably at least a meter thick. [More at link]

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