Curiosity update: Working through the To-Do list

1229MR0056650000603364E01_DXXXSol 1232-35, January 22, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: We are steadily continuing to check things off of the long “To Do” list for our stop at Namib Dune. This weekend’s plan starts on sol 1232 with a day dedicated to analyzing the sand samples with SAM. Then, on Sol 1233 we will start off with Mastcam change detection on the target “Hebron” and then a “multispectral” observation of the target “Hakos” using all of Mastcam’s different color filters. Next up, ChemCam has an RMI mosaic of “Gobabeb” dump pile A and then an analysis of the vein target “Sanitatis”.  Next MAHLI will take a bunch of pictures of the various… [More at link]

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