Curiosity update: Wrapping up at Namib Dune

1239MR0057450020603518E01_DXXXSol 1241, February 1, 2016, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Curiosity is still parked at Namib dune, and we are we are close to finishing the science investigation here.  The team is still working to diagnose the CHIMRA anomaly, but the arm was cleared for use in today’s plan.

The science activities in today’s plan include some additional MAHLI images to supplement the previously acquired selfie, and some long- distance ChemCam RMI mosaics to study layering on Mt. Sharp and the northern crater rim.  We’ll also acquire a Mastcam image to document the target “Erongo,” and use Navcam to search for dust devils and monitor the atmosphere. [More at link]

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