Curiosity update: Full plan

1251MH0005580010403821C00_DXXXSol 1253-55, February 12, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: The dune sand samples were dumped onto the ground, but it appears that the sample was partly blown by the wind.  There is enough sample left to investigate with various instruments, so the Sol 1253 plan starts with ChemCam passive spectra and Mastcam multispectral observations of the dump piles and brushed spot.  Later that sol, MAHLI will take pictures of the APXS calibration target and both dump piles before the APXS is placed on the pile of sieved sand for a short integration.  After sunset, the APXS will be moved to a bedrock target named “Bergsig” for another short integration, then to the pile of unsieved sand for a long overnight integration…. [More at link]

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