Curiosity update: Taking stock of Stockdale

NLB_509715784EDR_F0530186NCAM00354M_-br2Sol 1266-68, February 26, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Today’s plan has a nice mix of science and driving. The rover will start off on Sol 1266 with ChemCam observations of the targets “Ugab”, “Rooibank” and “Stockdale”. We will zap the Rooibank target using two different laser energies to see if that helps us figure out the amount of hydrogen in the target. Afterwards, Mastcam has some documentation images of the ChemCam targets, and then we will do some contact science: MAHLI will take some images of “Waterburg”, then the DRT will brush the dust off of “Stockdale” and MAHLI will take some pictures of that target too. After the DRT, Mastcam will observe the Stockdale target with all of its science filters, and APXS will then do an overnight observation on… [More at link]

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