Revisit Mars Pathfinder and Rover in 360°

pathfinder20160226-16You can explore the landing site of NASA’s Pathfinder mission with your mouse or mobile device. This 360-degree view uses images taken in 1997 displayed using present-day technology. It includes the lander’s companion rover, Sojourner – the first rover on Mars- and top science targets.

Not all Web browsers support viewing 360-degree videos and images. Best viewed in Google Chrome.  (…)

Pathfinder arrived at Mars on July 4, 1997, using a new airbag technology to cushion the landing. From landing until the final data transmission on Sept. 27, 1997, Pathfinder returned 2.3 billion bits of information, including more than 16,500 images from the lander and 550 from the rover. [More at link]

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