Driving rover Bridget from the Space Station

Bridget_the_rover_node_full_image_2Controlling_from_space_node_full_image_2In a live space-to-ground test of human–robot cooperation, ESA astronaut Tim Peake will control a rover on Earth on Friday from the International Space Station, helping prepare for future exploration missions.

On 29 April, ESA astronaut Tim Peake will operate a terrestrial rover nicknamed Bridget from the Station as part of a series of experiments investigating how humans interact with robotic systems and vehicles.

The 154 kg rover will be driven by Tim starting at 10:00 GMT (12:00 CEST) over simulated Mars terrain in Stevenage, UK, as though he were searching for scientific targets such as rocks. The 30 x 13 m Mars Yard is split into lit and dark areas to simulate, for example, roving into a cave or a shadowed crater. [More at link]

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