Curiosity update: Two-day arm challenge, followed by a selfie

FLB_515741531EDR_F0540938FHAZ00206M_Sol 1337-38, May 9, 2016, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Today’s two-sol plan is going to be quite an arm workout for Curiosity.  Over the weekend, Curiosity transferred and sieved the “Okoruso” drill sample, and analyzed it with CheMin.  That means that today’s plan is focused on arm activities and imaging the drill location.  The plan starts by dumping the pre-sieved drill sample.  Then we’ll use Mastcam to image the dump pile and drill site.  Next, we’ll target the drill hole with ChemCam, and we’ll also characterize a nearby bedrock target named “Ubib,” followed by a MAHLI image of the dump pile.  Overnight, it’s time for another arm workout – this time focused on MAHLI nighttime imaging of the drill hole and “Ubib” under different illumination conditions. [More at link]

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