Curiosity update: A smoother route

NLB_517071516EDR_F0541490CCAM15900M_-br2Sol 1348-49, May 20, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Our drive on Sol 1346 was successful and brought us to a location with a view of the rugged ridges of the area we’ve been calling “Fracture Town”. In fact, from our current location, we decided that those ridges may be a bit too rough for comfort, so we are planning a slight change in course that will take us a bit south of our original path. The new path should be smoother and will also give us a better view of the contact between the Stimson and Murray units.

But before we set off on this revised path, we have some science to do at our current location! On Sol 1348, ChemCam has observations on the targets “Meob”, “Nomeib”, and “Munutum”. Mastcam will take documentation images of… [More at link]

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