Opportunity: Pancam survey near valley’s head

4383-upslopeSol 4383, May 23, 2016. Rover controllers directed the Panoramic Camera (Pancam) to make a survey 27 frames wide by one high showing Opportunity’s surroundings from its current location near the head of Marathon Valley. The frames were taken using the Pancam’s left-side filter #1, which is sensitive to red light. This has the effect of brightening all reddish toned surface rocks and darkening bluish features, such as the dunes down on the floor of Endeavour Crater.

The 360° sweep has been divided into an upslope component (above) and a downslope one. Clicking either image will load a 2 MB full-resolution version.

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, a location map. and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.


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