Curiosity update: Phobos transit and Soliday

FRB_520015701EDR_F0550310FHAZ00206M_-br2Sol 1382-83, June 27, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Contact science in the Sol 1380-1381 plan went well, so we’re back to driving in the weekend plan!

Sol 1382 will start with a Mastcam video of Phobos crossing in front of the sun, plus a multispectral observation of the brushed target “Koes”. ChemCam will then analyze the targets “Koes,” “Kongola,” and “Rundu” and Mastcam will document those observations. After that, we will drop off some of the “Oudam” sample to SAM for analysis.

On Sol 1383 the rover will drive and then collect the usual post-drive images, including an 8×1 mosaic along the side of the rover to study changing textures as we drive. We’ll also take some extra Navcam images of a crater in the distance. Later in the day, Mastcam has a couple of atmospheric observations and ChemCam has an auto-targeted observation. [More at link]

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