Curiosity update: It’s my party and I’ll drill if I want to…

1420MR0070000010702397E01_DXXXSol 1422-24, August 5, 2016, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Happy birthday Curiosity!  As we celebrate four Earth years of operations on Mars, Curiosity will be busy collecting another drill sample.  In honor of her birthday, check out all of the great science that we’ve accomplished in the last year in this video.

Curiosity’s birthday party on Mars kicks off with another attempt to drill the “Marimba” mudstone target.  While this target might be harder than previous rocks that we’ve drilled, we’re optimistic that the drill will complete successfully.  I was the GSTL again today, and it was a fairly straightforward planning day. The first sol is focused on drilling and imaging the drill hole and tailings.  On the second sol we’ll acquire ChemCam RMI images… [More at link]

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