Opportunity: Southward the course

4485-navcam1F526352766EFFCSLNP1211R0M1Sol 4485, September 5, 2016. After passing through Lews and Clark Gap, Opportunity drove 23 meters (75 feet) toward the southeast, across the sloping inner rim of Endeavour Crater.

1N526342483EFFCSJGP1994L0M1The image above (click to enlarge, 2.6 MB) shows the post-drive Navcam view of the terrain ahead, while at immediate right is the late afternoon Hazcam view.

Below right is the Navcam view back through the gap into Marathon Valley, with the Gibraltar II outcrop on the opposite wall. (Note the dark dust on the rover’s rear deck.) Click any image to enlarge.

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, a location map. and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.

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