Curiosity update: Finishing up at Quela

CR0_527632816PRC_F0572798CCAM02466L1Sol 1467-68, September 20, 2016, update by USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: The activities planned for Sol 1466 are going well so far–the only problem is that the ChemCam observation of the Quela drill hole wall is slightly out of focus.  So we’ll try again on Sol 1467 with slightly modified ChemCam command parameters.  We’re planning two sols today, and our top priority is to finish up our investigation of the Quela drill hole and tailings before driving away.  There are a lot of measurements we’d like to make here, so it was a rather busy day for me as SOWG Chair.  After retracting and stowing the arm to allow remote sensing observations of the Quela area, the Right Mastcam will image the imprint… [More at link]

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