Curiosity update: Another touch and go

NLB_528892751EDR_F0581248NCAM00346M_Sol 1482-83, October 5, 2016, update by USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: MSL drove another 35 meters on Sol 1480, stopping at a location with a layered bedrock exposure right in front of the rover.  So the tactical planning team decided to take advantage of the touch and go option again.  MAHLI will take pictures of the layered target “Cassongue” and of the rover wheels before the arm is stowed in preparation for another drive on Sol 1482.  ChemCam and Mastcam will observe bedrock targets named “Coutada,” “Cuangar,” and “Cacuso,” and the Right Mastcam will acquire mosaics of more distant targets dubbed… [More at link]

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