Curiosity update: Making progress to the next drill site

NRB_532342046EDR_F0592578NCAM00278M_Sol 1521-22, November 14, 2016, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Curiosity continues to drive across bumpy terrain of the Murray formation.  Over the weekend, Curiosity drove ~36 m, making good progress toward our next drill site.  Today’s two-sol plan starts with several ChemCam observations to assess the chemistry of the local bedrock and veins.  We’ll also acquire a long-distance ChemCam RMI mosaic to examine layered and eroded mesas to the west of the Peace Vallis fan.  Then Curiosity will acquire Mastcam images to document the ChemCam targets as well as to evaluate the stratification exposed in nearby… [More at link]

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