Curiosity update: Contact science at Sutton Island and approaching the next drill site

1523MH0006460010600255C00_DXXXSol 1525-27, November 18, 2016, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: The MAHLI images from Sol 1523 are down, and we acquired some beautiful images of this new outcrop, as seen in the above image of the target “Seawall.”  Today’s plan is focused on finishing the investigation at “Sutton Island,” and then driving towards the next drill target, ~9 m away.

The plan starts with a couple of Navcam and Mastcam observations to monitor the opacity of the atmosphere and search for clouds.  Then we’ll acquire ChemCam observations of “Ironbound Island” and “Goat Trail” to assess the composition of the bedrock. The plan also includes several Mastcam mosaics to characterize the geometry of this deposit and document its sedimentary structures.  In the afternoon Curiosity will acquire MAHLI images of “Ironbound Island” to… [More at link]

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