Curiosity update: Moving again!

NLB_534543782EDR_F0592830NCAM00323M_Sol 1545-47, December 9, 2016, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: This morning we received downlink that indicated operation of the drill feed using standard commands.  This is great news, and the anomaly response team has cleared the rover for use of the arm and driving (but not yet drilling).  In today’s plan, we’ll wrap up work at the “Precipice” location and drive to a nearby site to investigate some interesting fracture patterns.

The 3-sol plan weekend plan starts with another Mastcam tau and crater rim extinction observation to monitor dust in the atmosphere. This is followed by ChemCam observations of “The Anvil” and “Blue Hill” to investigate variations in chemistry in the Murray bedrock.  We’ll… [More at link]

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