Curiosity: Ames Knob, nickel-iron meteorite

1577MR0080320000800289E01_DXXX-br2Sol 1577, January 12, 2017. The rover’s Mastcam (100mm lens) imaged what appears to be a small nickel-iron meteorite, dubbed Ames Knob. It is similar in appearance and chemical makeup to Egg Rock, found last fall. (Click image to enlarge it.)

According to MSL Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada of JPL, “This shiny object, called ‘Ames Knob,’ was noticed in recent images from Curiosity. It resembles the iron-nickel meteorite, ‘Egg Rock,’ that Curiosity examined in November, so this target was inspected with the laser-firing ChemCam spectrometer. It yielded similar results (i.e., iron and nickel), so possibly a meteorite.”

Sol 1577 raw images (from all cameras), and Curiosity’s latest location.

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