Opportunity field report, March 6, 2017

4660_travSol 4662, March 6, 2017; Rover Field Report by Larry Crumpler, MER Science Team & New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science: Out of the crater and cruising south! For nearly two years Opportunity’s world has been tilted 10-25 degrees as it drove down to the lower slopes of the crater wall. Toward the end of last week Opportunity pulled itself up and over the lip of the crater. It has now begun drives¬†to the south along the rim.¬† It is refreshing to see a panorama that consist of untilted frames! Incidentally Opportunity ascended 160 meters from the lower walls of Endeavour crater in just three months and is now in the 14th year of operations on Mars.

Check out the view north and behind us. The tracks make a right angle back there and emerge from the abyss on the right. Also, note that the horizon is muted. This is because of the regional dust storm that is occurring at this time. [More at link]

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