Curiosity update: Early morning planning

NLB_542105346EDR_F0611332CCAM15903M_-br2Sol 1630-31, March 7, 2017, update by USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: We had an early-morning (6 AM on the west coast!) start to planning today, which was a bit painful but with the help of lots of caffeine we put together another plan full of good science! The exciting news from the weekend plan is that the MAHLI dust cover closed as planned, so we’re back in business with MAHLI.

The Sol 1630 plan will start with ChemCam observations of a vein called “Temple Stream”, a soil target called “Mattawamkeag”, and the bedrock target “Vassalboro” to coordinate with an APXS observation of “Sangerville”. MAHLI will also observe Sangerville, and Mastcam will document each of these targets. After that, the plan is to drive about 40 meters and collect some post-drive imaging. [More at link]

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