Curiosity update: MAHLI imaging of OG1 and remote sensing

NRB_544238177EDR_S0620108NCAM00293M_Sol 1654-56, March 31, 2017, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar and atmospheric scientist Michael Battalio: Today’s three-sol plan starts with MAHLI imaging of the first scoop location (OG1).  The first sol also includes Mastcam and MARDI imaging for change detection.  The second sol involves a number of remote sensing activities, starting with a long morning imaging suite for environmental monitoring observations.  The imaging suites are special observations that include Navcam cloud movies and dust opacity measurements from both Navcam and Mastcam at an early morning time, when the rover is usually asleep and recharging.  The sol 1655 imaging suite is a long version which also includes a ChemCam passive sky measurement, which seeks to determine the chemical composition of the air near MSL.  All of these measurements are duplicated in the afternoon to check for diurnal variability.  Later in the afternoon we’ll also take a large Mastcam mosaic of “Vera Rubin Ridge,” for both stereo and… [More at link]

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