Curiosity update: Kicking the tires

NRB_546198605EDR_S0621386NCAM00572M_-br2Sol 1681-83, April 28, 2017, update by MSL scientist Michael Battalio: After a drive of almost 29 meters, we are parked at a site suitable for a busy plan full of contact science on the Murray formation.  GEO focused mainly on characterizing nearby flagstone – “Duck Brook Bridge” was like the typical Murray formation that was tan in color, and “Cliffside Bridge” and “Waterfall Bridge” were more coarse-grained and gray.  ChemCam will observe all of those targets, and APXS will measure both Duck Brook Bridge and Waterfall Bridge, with a long integration on Duck Brook Bridge.  Mastcam observations will support that targeted science in addition to obtaining mosaics of fine-scale laminations on the “Stanley Brook Bridge” contact and alternating layering on “Chasm Brook Bridge.”  In… [More at link]

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