Curiosity update: Touch and go or just go?

NRB_546906828EDR_F0622726NCAM00312M_-br2Sol 1684, May 2, 2017, update by MSL scientist Christopher Edwards: Today was a day of tradeoffs. Should Curiosity focus on driving to get to a higher priority target sooner, or conduct contact science at the current location? Ultimately the Geology Theme Group decided to forgo the “touch-and-go” option, in which contact science is carried out prior to driving, and instead focused on using that time to increase the drive distance. With today’s drive, the hope is to make it about 50 meters down the road along the strategically planned path informally known as the “Mt. Sharp Ascent Route.” At the end of today’s drive, the plan is for the rover to end up within about 2 meters of an intriguing gray hued target, having made significant progress towards a “megaripple” of high… [More at link]

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