Curiosity update: March to the megaripples

NLB_547082057EDR_F0623188NCAM00266M_-br2Sol 1686, May 3, 2017, update by MSL scientist Michael Battalio: Continuing the steady march up Mt. Sharp, Curiosity drove 18.3 m to bring us closer to a series of features being called megaripples, which are darker and larger ripples than were seen on the Bagnold Dunes. Touch-and-go was again the option for this plan (see Sols 1684 and 1685), and GEO made use of it with contact science on two targets, “Newport Ledge” and “Sugarloaf Mountain.” These two targets are the closest two rocks protruding above the sand in the Navcam image above. MAHLI will target Newport Ledge to gauge grain size and distribution. A series of observations by APXS and ChemCam on Newport Ledge will continue… [More at link]

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