Curiosity update: Science frenzy!

FRB_547614436EDR_F0630100FHAZ00302M_-br2Sol 1692, May 9, 2017, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: After the drive on Sol 1691, the workspace in front of the rover had plenty of interesting rocks in front of us to keep us busy.

Today I served as the Payload Uplink Lead-1 (PUL-1) for Mastcam, which means that I worked closely with the Geology Theme Group and other Mastcam PULs to make sure the images we take best capture the requests of the science team. Much to our delight, today’s plan is chock-full of fantastic Mastcam mosaics!

The plan starts off with several ChemCam observations to analyze the targets “The Maypole,”  “Weaver Rock,” and “The Cleft,” along with their corresponding Mastcam documentation images. We will then take a series of Mastcam mosaics on the targets “Ox Hill,” “Old Tom,” “Bear Island,” and “Bowden Ledge” to characterize sedimentary structures and bedding features. We will also take a Mastcam image of yesterday’s… [More at link]

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