Opportunity: At the valley’s head

4733-navcam-southSol 4733, May 18, 2017. With Opportunity perched at the top of the slope leading down into Perseverance Valley, mission scientists and rover drivers are imaging the terrain all around the rover. Above, the view toward the south with Winnemucca mesa standing high, while below is a view back toward the north showing the heights of Cape Tribulation. (Click either image to enlarge it.)

In places, small deposits of loose material have collected into dune-forms. Some of them appear bright in these Navcam views, matching the bright areas atop Winnemucca mesa. While the rover won’t get a chance to explore Winnemucca at close range, these nearby deposits may be similar to those up on the mesa.

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, location map, and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.


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