Curiosity update: Looking east

NLB_549920286EDR_F0632372NCAM00375M_-br2Sol 1718, June 5, 2017, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: We are beginning to turn toward the east and southeast as we approach Vera Rubin Ridge with the Curiosity rover. After a busy and successful plan over the weekend, we weighed our priorities between using APXS to study the bedrock we’re driving over or drive farther along our path.

Today I was the Science Operations Working Group Chair as we planned sol 1718 and since we had only gained ~3m of elevation in our last drive, we decided to forgo contact science with APXS in favor of extending our drive distance. The GEO science theme group still found some interesting bedrock-”East Point” (the dark section in the middle of the rock at the upper right corner of the image), “East Pond”, and… [More at link]

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