Curiosity update: Bumping to a sand ripple

NLB_552588764EDR_F0641980NCAM00312M_-br2Sol 1748, July 6, 2017, update by MSL scientist Ken Herkenhoff: Another touch-and-go was strategically planned for today, and there is bedrock in the arm workspace, so the tactical science team selected a block named “Tupper Ledge” for contact science. After APXS measures the elemental chemistry of Tupper Ledge and MAHLI takes a full suite of images of the same target, the arm will be stowed to allow ChemCam and Right Mastcam observations of a soil target called “No Mans Land” and a bedrock target dubbed “Sugar Loaves.” Navcam will search for clouds above the horizon and the Right Mastcam will snap a couple pictures of “Harris,” a trough in the dark sand… [More at link]

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