Opportunity: Looking back at the valley’s lip

4793-navcam1P553683891EFFCZZ0P2538L5M1_L2L5L5L7L7Sol 4793, July 18, 2017. Tipping to the north and east, Opportunity is parked for the solar conjunction communications pause just inside Perseverance Valley, where the Navcan and Pancam nabbed a few images. Above, a four-frame Navcam view looks back a short distance upslope to the valley’s lip (note the wheel tracks).

At right, a false-color Pancam view (Holger Isenberg) shows the ground in front of the rover that is directly accessible by the Instrument Arm. (Click either image to enlarge it.)

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, location map, and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.

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