Curiosity update: Taking in the view

NRB_555693942EDR_S0650156NCAM00267M_-br2Sol 1783-85, August 11, 2017, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: For this three sol weekend plan, Curiosity sidled up to the base of the Vera Rubin Ridge (VRR), whose proximity is evidenced by the 12 degree upward tilt of the rover’s parking position, for an extended suite of imaging of the ridge and its surroundings.

Curiosity will acquire a large mosaic (70 images!) with Mastcam’s highest resolution camera of the beautiful bedding structures and dramatic veins seen in this portion of the VRR. She will also zoom in on two areas of particular interest – an example of parallel layering and a contact between bright and dark rocks – using ChemCam’s Remote Microscopic Imager to further draw out details of the structures apparent there. These mosaics, along with others previously acquired at other imaging stops along the base of the VRR, will help the team unravel the origin of the VRR and its relationship to the Murray formation that Curiosity has spent so much time traversing over. Views of the relationship of the VRR and the Murray formation will also be afforded by the 360 degree Mastcam mosaic planned for early morning on Sol 1785. [More at link]

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