Curiosity udate: Inching closer

NRB_556226499EDR_F0650916NCAM00375M_-br2Sol 1789, August 17, 2017, update by MSL scientist Mark Salvatore: As Curiosity inches closer towards ascending Vera Rubin Ridge (VRR), the science team is continuing to be diligent in both characterizing the local surroundings while also looking ahead and imaging the ridge upon approach. Today’s plan is a perfect example of these split scientific priorities. The team selected several targets near the rover to analyze using its remote sensing instruments, while also allowing time for the rover to drive approximately 15 meters ahead and get into position for tomorrow’s science and this weekend’s long imaging campaign of VRR.

After Curiosity awakes at about 10am local time on Mars (approximately 9pm PDT on Thursday evening), her scientific activities will begin with two active ChemCam chemistry investigations of two bedrock targets immediately in front of the rover. The first target (named “Megee,” located just above the shadow of Curiosity’s mast in the lower portion of the image) contains an interesting linear feature that is likely a… [More at link]

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