Curiosity update: A science-filled weekend

FLB_556311890EDR_F0651174FHAZ00330M_-br2Sol 1790-92, August 18, 2017, update by MSL scientist Mark Salvatore: Even though Curiosity did not drive the planned 15 meters yesterday evening (she only made it about 11 meters), she moved far enough down the road to get in good position to acquire a full high-resolution mosaic of Vera Rubin Ridge (VRR) over the weekend, which was the hope for yesterday’s drive. In addition, Curiosity parked herself in a nice sandy location where we can continue to investigate sand ripples on our way towards the ridge. Today, the science team planned a full weekend of scientific investigations and data collection.

ChemCam will kick off this weekend’s science plan by investigating the chemistry of two of the few rocky targets in front of the rover: “Zephyr Ledges,” the multi-toned flaky patch of rocky material surrounded by sand ripples, and “Wallace Ledge,” which is a more massive piece of rock a bit further from the rover. Following these chemistry measurements, Mastcam will be used to document these two rocky targets… [More at link]

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