MAVEN completes Deep-Dip #7

20993810_10155826193227868_3423213512360900125_nThe MAVEN spacecraft has successfully completed an eight-day deep dip campaign with the execution of a 1.8 m/sec. ∆V (change in velocity) maneuver on August 22 to raise periapsis by 11 km. The post-maneuver altitude of the spacecraft is currently 138.5 km, where Mars’ atmospheric density is ~0.66 kg/km³.

A final “walk out” maneuver is planned for today (Thursday, Aug. 24) and is predicted to place MAVEN’s periapsis into the middle of the nominal science mapping density corridor. Today’s maneuver will require a 2.4 m/sec. ∆V, which will result in a periapsis altitude of 151 km and an atmospheric density of 0.012 kg/km³.  [More at link]

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