Curiosity update: It’s deja vu all over again

FLB_559588699EDR_F0660384FHAZ00302M_-br2Sol 1827, September 25, 2017, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: Just when we thought we were going to leave this spot on Mars, we found ourselves stuck here for yet another sol. This time, a fault during one of our arm activities caused us to lose our plans for the past two sols (which would have included a drive to our next waypoint in the Vera Rubin Ridge science campaign) and we were in recovery mode again today. This picture of the arm’s shadow on the ground was taken just before the fault. So today, we make our third attempt to complete our science activities at this stop, including ChemCam and Mastcam targets of nearby bedrock: “Sherwood Forest”, “Tableland”, and “Troll Valley”. We were also able to plan a Mastcam image of a target named “Elf Woods” that was originally… [More at link]

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