Curiosity update: We’ve got the power

NLB_559867237EDR_F0660856NCAM00267M_-br2Sol 1830, September 29, 2017, update by MSL scientist Michael Battalio: With apologies to Montgomery Scott, “we do not have the power…,” but we will, as today was about keeping our state of charge up in preparation for possible CheMin activities in a near-future plan. Fortunately, that absolutely did not preclude a lot of terrific science and a drive.

Today was a touch-and-go sol. Contact science was planned on a dark-toned target named “Collingham” in the hopes that the darker color indicated either a different chemistry or reduced surface dust. APXS, MAHLI, ChemCam, and Mastcam will all cooperate on observing this target. Mastcam will continue the Vera Rubin Ridge imaging campaign by capturing a 13×1 mosaic of a prominent outcrop, named “Tra Tra,” which is the large outcrop at the top left of the above Navcam image. (Mt. Sharp is to the right.) A stereo image will be taken to ascertain the geometry of the bedding. Curiosity then will drive about 11 meters towards the top of a nearby ridge. Post-drive Navcam imaging will be taken as well as an automated AEGIS imaging activity with ChemCam… [More at link]

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