Curiosity update: Back in the saddle again

NRB_562970931EDR_F0661994NCAM00291M_-br2Sol 1865, November 6, 2017, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: On Sol 1864, Curiosity successfully got a move on from her inadvertent layover stop, which presented the science team with a new workspace, and a new view of the structures exposed in the “Vera Rubin Ridge.” The team grabbed as many observations of this new piece of real estate as they could fit in the plan, not only because they were happy with the change of scenery, but because the plan is to drive once again this weekend!

Both MAHLI and APXS will look at the targets “Barberton” and “Campbellrand” using somewhat unusual techniques. MAHLI will image both Barberton (a patch of bedrock with a rough, nodular texture) and Campbellrand, a smooth patch of Vera Rubin Ridge bedrock at night using her white light LEDs to illuminate the target. The choice of night imaging was driven by the poor workspace illumination expected at the more-typical daytime imaging times. When Curiosity is parked facing eastern headings, as she was today, the rover arm and body cast shadows on the workspace in front of the rover. Shadows across… [More at link]

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